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Start About Us
Madskull Creations consists of us, two crazy brothers.
Jon and Timothy Lennryd.

Since last year we have worked with a musician, Jonas Loman aka platonist.
He's granted us music that have made a big difference for the feeling in our latest project Guac' a Mole.

Some background stuff:

We have made hobby game projects since we were kids. Sometimes board games, sometimes video games.
We have tried many genres, such as text based games, platformers, puzzle, multiplayer brawling, point and click, hot seat strategy, action and some more.

Jon started programming early, as the elder of us. Timothy started making graphics.
This was in the time of the now retired computer Amiga.

Today we work on PC mostly. But our game Guac' a Mole is a Wii U™ release!
We are excited to release a game for a console from Nintendo as they have been our favourite game company since our childhood.

In the future we hope to be able to realize bigger game projects. We want to be one of those developer studios that every once in a while takes your breath away.

We are gamers, and want to appeal to gamers.
We'll get there.